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Taking Care of Business

I finished cleaning. Broth’s simmering on the stove. A Sunday afternoon breeze is coming through the window. Baseball game on the radio. The Jays are leading the Twins 7-3 in the 7th inning. And I’m waiting for that magical time when I go pickup BabyGirl. She’s been on vacation with her Dad for a week. I’ve missed her. I’m looking forward to our reunion. But I still have a few hours and I better take care of business cause I’ve been remiss.

After a month of daily postings, you’d think I’d have developed a longing for blogging but no. Social media does not evoke much emotion in me, except for Facebook, which if you’ve followed this blog since the beginning, you know I despise. I’ve given up trying to scrub the blood stains from the wall. I’ll have to repaint some time.

So I’m taking stock of what I need to get done to take care of my business:

  • Finish 2nd draft of Stay by July 27.
  • Find an editor and turn manuscript over by July 28.
  • Find a cover for Stay (8-3 Jays)
  • Blog at least twice a week forever.
  • Book Writers Digest Conference West before July 19 to take advantage of early bird pricing.
  • Finish planning my third novel.
  • Practice guitar daily (research for my third novel; I’m taking lessons). (9-3 Jays)
  • Finish planning Western Canada vacay.

(11-3 Jays, still in the 7th inning) I had to stop writing this post to start the next one on online dating. Guess we both know what I’ll be talking about on Tuesday. I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved. Make sure you come back for my kernels of wisdom(?).

What’s on your to-do list? Where are you vacationing this summer? Does all the energy from the sun recharge your batteries?


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Blue Jays Do It Again!


The Blue Jays do it again! 9th win in a row. And for the first time since their first game of the season, they are back at 500.

There was so much fanfare about having a World Series caliber team during spring training and it all came crashing down. But that’s life, isn’t? At times, we have such high hopes and believe that potential is reality only to discover that there is a steep hill to climb. And that’s okay. That’s life. And that’s baseball. So our boys are climbing that hill.

I love how easy it is to draw analogies between life and baseball, don’t you?

Watch Rajai Davis’ walk-off single here.

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Blue Jays Winter Tour

Watch the Toronto Blue Jays hit the ice in Saskatoon. They’re coming…

Are you jonesing for baseball as much as I am?

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The Boys of Summer Are Back!

This post is a follow-up to Fever Pitch where I admitted to being on my way to becoming a baseball fan-addict.

I was overjoyed to hear Alan Ashby and Jerry Howarth on the Fan590 again a few weekends ago broadcasting a Blue Jays spring training game. It made me smile. Their voices brought on inner peace. Yes, inner peace. Seriously, that’s what an addict finds when the addiction is satisfied, isn’t it? No more watching baseball movies to get my fix. No more wishing, longing, yearning, daydreaming. Winter is over and spring training well underway.

Furthermore, there’s a whole season, 162 games People, to look forward to. I must be insane but I’m ecstatic! I’m checking out the schedule, carefully picking the games I want to attend. The choices are mind-boggling: Bobblehead giveaways, Fan Appreciation Days, Summer Friday Fan Festival games, the list goes on. So far, I’ve only chosen one. That’s okay. It’s not a fast game, so I don’t need to act fast. It’s all about slowing down and appreciating human skill.

Anyone think I’m nuts yet? Are you following your team’s spring training? Any suggestions from Blue Jays fans about which games to attend?

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Fever Pitch

A few years ago, I watched Fever Pitch, a movie about a woman who falls in love with a Boston Red Sox uber-fan. I pitied her.  And then, it happened to me.  (God has a perverse sense of humor.)

The Numbers

I quickly realized how important baseball was to my new man, so I set out to learn about it. I vowed that I would never become a baseball fan but since the game was so important to him, I thought I should learn something about it. At first, I was confused. Then, I realized that it’s a numbers game and an actuary’s degree might be necessary. Finally,  winter came and baseball season was over. (God is good.)

Oh No, Wait!

There’s a way around that: winter baseball-played in Central and South America. Dear God, please help. At this point, I didn’t want hear about baseball and for the most part, I didn’t. I was very grateful for the respite.

A Divine Joke

My boyfriend texted from Florida during spring training to tell me that he’d met so-and-so at a bar, that so-and-so was looking good, that he’d gotten so-and-so’s autograph, etc. I took that as the cue to renew my efforts and start studying the game again. I figured that to really learn about the game, I would have to become a spectator. I started tuning in to Toronto Blue Jays games on the radio. The more, I listened to the games, the more questions I asked, the clearer it all became.

One day, I tuned in because I wanted to. God, what’s going on?

Throughout the season, I took my daughter to her first game in July; I bought myself a baseball cap; I started watching the games on TV; I went to a game with my alumni association; and I bought another baseball cap. By the end of the season, I was officially a fan.

Baseball Fan or Fan-addict

It’s gotten worse. No longer am I “just” a Toronto Blue Jays fan, I am now a baseball fan. I checked out season tickets when they became available. I have already planned my merchandise purchases for the coming season.

Cute, eh?

I have considered going down to Florida for spring training. I got goosebumps when I learned that all the players on the Jays forty man roster would report for training today.  There are moments when I find myself aching to listen to a baseball game. I’m watching movies about baseball just so I can get a baseball fix. I am well on my way to becoming a baseball addict.

Who’s your team? Did you ever swear that you would never …, but you did? What do you think of that hoodie? 😉

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90 Days to My Novel: Down to the Minors

I became a baseball follower about a year ago when I started dating my Toronto Blue Jays fan-addict boyfriend. I don’t know much about the game but I have learned something. It’s not enough for a baseball player to be a talented athlete. Development plays a huge roll in his success.

I was told that by my boyfriend and heard it over and over again from the Jays broadcasters. I understood, yet I didn’t until this week when Kyle Drabek, a talented young pitcher, was sent down to AAA to work on his self-control and his confidence. So, in baseball, development is both physical and mental.

Where I am going with this? I fell almost a week behind in completing the assignments in 90 Days to Your Novel. Then I caught up. Woot! Then I hit the assignment (Write a scene from your novel’s outline that introduces a new character for the first time.) that made me decide to go back to the minors for a bit. It was time to take a step back and develop my description skills.

I’m not the best describer in the world. I tend to think: “How can I say this in the fewest words possible.” I have another problem: I’m a bad observer. I see the big picture; details go unnoticed unless needed. When it comes to people, I rarely notice their outside appearance. That’s mostly due to life experience: you can’t judge a person by her cover — judge her by her words and actions instead. As for places, my physical and emotional reaction to an environment governs me more than what it looks like. None of these are good traits to have as a fiction writer. The opposite would also be bad. The middle ground is, as it tends to be in most things, probably the right place to be.

So I set aside all the pre-writing work I’ve been doing for my novel and reached for the Write Great Fiction series I bought a few weeks ago. I grabbed the one on characters and read through it. Now I’m reading about description and setting. I can’t wait to get back to the assignment and use all this new knowledge I’m acquiring!

While I am annoyed about taking a break from my novel, I see this time as an opportunity to grow. It appears that a writer is a lot like a baseball player. Talent is only aptitude. Development is the transformation of talent in to mastery.

What’s your writer’s weakness? I love to hear from you. Leave a comment.

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