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My Love Life: Online Dating

I knew it was time to do something about my love life when my 5-year-old showed more concern for it than I did. So last week, I joined an online dating site.


“Internet Dating” by renjith krishnan

It’s my third foray. On the first website, I got propositioned  a lot and met men online that just seemed unsuitable. When I met someone offline, I was glad the search was over. The second round came last fall. I don’t believe my mind and heart were in the right place and so my success was impossible. I put out the wrong vibes. Beware: the universe gives back what you give it. This go around is going better. In one week, I received much interest and expressed some interest in a few men. I communicated with three very nice gentlemen and agreed to go out with two. As first “blind” dates go, they went quite well. And I hope to hear from one of them again. It won’t be the end of the world if I don’t. There are plenty of fish in the cyber sea.

As I talk about my current experience with friends, I’m getting all kinds of interesting feedback. Misconceptions about who’s online abound. Many women expressed fear at meeting creeps. I say forget emailing back and forth, get his number and talk on the phone. If he sounds normal and asks for a date, suggest a crowded location, mention your plans to a friend, and drive yourself there.

Some of my male friends had their own bad experiences and some had never tried, but they agreed that picking up a woman at a bar or some other public place was infinitely better. Their arguments were: 1) you know what she truly looks like and that you’re attracted; 2) by talking to her, you get a sense of whether she’s a crazy b* or not; 3) and no nerve-racking blind date necessary. All good points.

What do you think of online dating? Got any good stories to share? How did you meet your last date?


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