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Taking Care of Business

I finished cleaning. Broth’s simmering on the stove. A Sunday afternoon breeze is coming through the window. Baseball game on the radio. The Jays are leading the Twins 7-3 in the 7th inning. And I’m waiting for that magical time when I go pickup BabyGirl. She’s been on vacation with her Dad for a week. I’ve missed her. I’m looking forward to our reunion. But I still have a few hours and I better take care of business cause I’ve been remiss.

After a month of daily postings, you’d think I’d have developed a longing for blogging but no. Social media does not evoke much emotion in me, except for Facebook, which if you’ve followed this blog since the beginning, you know I despise. I’ve given up trying to scrub the blood stains from the wall. I’ll have to repaint some time.

So I’m taking stock of what I need to get done to take care of my business:

  • Finish 2nd draft of Stay by July 27.
  • Find an editor and turn manuscript over by July 28.
  • Find a cover for Stay (8-3 Jays)
  • Blog at least twice a week forever.
  • Book Writers Digest Conference West before July 19 to take advantage of early bird pricing.
  • Finish planning my third novel.
  • Practice guitar daily (research for my third novel; I’m taking lessons). (9-3 Jays)
  • Finish planning Western Canada vacay.

(11-3 Jays, still in the 7th inning) I had to stop writing this post to start the next one on online dating. Guess we both know what I’ll be talking about on Tuesday. I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved. Make sure you come back for my kernels of wisdom(?).

What’s on your to-do list? Where are you vacationing this summer? Does all the energy from the sun recharge your batteries?


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Making New Friends Through Social Media

I’m taking an online course called Blogging To Build Your Author Brand with Kristen Lamb. I have been following her blog for over a year and have gained so much from her posts that deciding to take the course was a no-brainer. As much as I am enjoying the course and the assignments what has truly amazed me are the friendships I am making with the other writers in my class. The class communicates mostly through Twitter and Facebook. We started bonding in part due to technological challenges: those versed in social networking helping those who were new to it.

I thought I would share a few blogs from my fellow students that speak of today’s tech world:

Are you new to blogs and social media? How has the technology changed your life in recent days/months/years? Are you baffled by the fact that you use your cell phone to take pictures, record video, keep notes, write letters (email), read the news, play games, attend a [Twitter] party, watch videos and listen to music?

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The Liebster Award!

Thank you to the always positive and energetic Patricia Sands for giving me a Liebster Award for my blog. I didn’t expect it and while the thank you is long overdue, it comes from the heart.

I am passing on this award to Darlene Steelman whose blog I recently discovered and truly enjoy. Have some fun with it Darlene!

Here are the rules for those of you who want to single out a blog: “This award is meant to highlight newer blogs. So the blogger receiving the award links back to the blogger who awarded him/her, and tags 3-5 people.”

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Rock Climbing: A Manageable Goal

Sura Nualpradid

I have a goal of parachuting out of an airplane. It has sat on my to-do list for years. I have a slight challenge to overcome. I’m afraid of heights. I’ve lived in skyscrapers my entire life. I love sitting out on the balcony but leaning over the railing is not something I do. I’m okay at the top of a mountain looking at the horizon but looking down is scary. It’s even a challenge for me to stand on a ladder and deal with a ceiling fixture. I do it but there’s a lot of swearing and praying involved.

The other day I hiked in Kelso Conservation Area. One of the trails follows the Niagara Escarpment. It’s not very high, but standing at the top of the Escarpment had been on my to-do list since I moved to Southern Ontario. As I stood at the top, I peaked down the rock wall and was tempted to do a little rock climbing.

The sudden desire to climb down that small cliff struck me as odd. I never figured out exactly how I would overcome my fear so that I could achieve my parachuting goal. Now this new, much smaller and manageable goal-a baby step toward parachuting, presents itself. I’ve decided to work on it this winter with some indoor climbing. Next spring, I’m climbing the Escarpment! Hopefully, there won’t be any kids around because I’m sure there is going to be some swearing.

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Everybody’s Talking About…Wicked Good People: Winner!

Congratulations to J.C. Nierad for winning an autographed copy of Wicked Good by leaving a comment on my last post My Daughter: The Most Special Person In My Life as part of WOW! Women On Writing mass blogging event Everybody’s Talking About…Wicked Good People.

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The Tech Savvy Writer

Welcome back to Writing Mondays!

Courtesy of Luigi Diamanti

As writers, we can’t work without technology these days. So far, I have only met one young author who writes his novels with pen and paper but broke down and bought a Jurassic period computer to keep things neat and organized and goes to the library to use the internet for research. No blog, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media networking. When he first told me about his “set up,” my eyes grew big and my jaw dropped. I was awed.

I think about all the techie things I have had to learn over the past year. I fiddled with my website. I bought a netbook and an internet stick last August to keep up with my new world. My early blog posts were dismal until something finally clicked five months in to posting and I found my voice. Social media? I shunned it until I read enough posts from marketing experts to accept reality. In December, I traded my Pay-As-You-Go cell phone for a smartphone to keep up with my social media networks. And yesterday, after months of deliberation and tired of my desktop groaning and crashing, I purchased a laptop. The netbook just wasn’t going to cut it as an alternate. To justify my purchase, my desktop crashed earlier today as I was working on my WIP (Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!) and is currently groaning.

Years ago, when I daydreamed about being a writer, I purchased spiral notebooks, pretty journals and good pens. I was proud of my electric typewriter with the built-in whiteout ribbon and dictionary. I never imagined that I would need:

        • a modem
        • a computer
        • an external memory drive
        • an e-mail account
        • Twitter, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite
        • Facebook (Which, for the life of me, I have yet to understand! I know I keep repeating myself. Please go Like my FB page because I haven’t figured out what else I’m supposed to do with it except beg readers and friends to do that. I thank you for your pity.)
        • a blog
        • a domain name
        • a smartphone
        • author accounts on multiple websites

The cool thing is: it is fun to be able to sit at home and reach millions of people with a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.

What do you love and hate and being a tech-savvy writer? I love to hear from you. Leave a comment.

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A Day at the CNE

Welcome to the first PC Friday!

I moved to the Greater Toronto Area from Montreal six years ago. I knew Montreal like I knew myself. It was part of me and I was part of it. The Red Hot Chili Peppers summed it up.

Due to the rivalry between the two cities, I hadn’t heard very good things about Toronto but I came with an open mind since it would become my new home. Within days of my arrival, I plunged in to wedding planning mode, followed by house buying mode, motherhood mode and divorce mode. So a lot happened in six years, but nothing to really stop me from exploring Toronto. However, it never happened.

Two years ago, as I was separating from my ex-husband, I promised myself that I would get to know Toronto and form a positive attachment to it. I’ve slowly been working on it. I have a list of things to-do and see here that I keep adding to regularly. One of the most important events to take place in Toronto is the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) every August. For Torontonians, it marks the end of summer holidays.

I had a fabulous time at my first CNE with my daughter and my mom. We visited the Canadian Armed Forces area, rode the ferris wheel, got wet on the log ride, kicked, threw, and batted some balls, watched a tree walk, saw the air show, petted some animals, ate corn dogs, cotton candy, and funnel cake, caught a show, played with musical instruments, made massive bubbles, and smiled a lot!

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