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Oh Canada – Classified Style

Happy Birthday Canada!


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WordCount Blogathon 2013: Last Post


The WordCount Blogathon 2013 is over! It’s time to assess:

  • My personal goal was to start blogging again. ACCOMPLISHED
  • The Blogathon challenge was 30 posts in 30 days. I managed 29 posts in 30 days. So I’m going to give myself a PASS.
  • I babbled. I did some soul searching. I racked my brain for post ideas. I got lazy and posted music videos and movie trailers. I went to bed late every night. I had some guests. I learned how to create a wordcloud.

Overall, I had a great time. Thank you to Michelle Rafter of WordCount for running this event.

What have you learned from blogging? Is there a type of post you enjoy reading more than all others? Is posting music videos, movie trailers and wordclouds a cop out?

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OMG! Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine.

What movie have you been waiting for?

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The Promise of Provence by Patricia Sands

Launch of Patricia Sands' first novel, The Bridge Club

Launch of Patricia Sands’ first novel, The Bridge Club

When I walked into the meeting room of The World’s Biggest Bookstore for my first Canadian Authors Association meeting, I never expected to make a friend. Both editing our first novels, both with iUniverse, both named Patricia. Initially based on our commonalities, our relationship quickly evolved into a full-blown friendship: we email, skype, do lunch, shop, go to concerts, talk about hair colouring and thinning eyebrows, visit open houses, and, most importantly, support each other.

TPOP_med copy

Normally, a hard lady to pin down, she’s become even more difficult to keep track of as Patricia tirelessly promotes her second novel, The Promise of Provence (read about her boundless energy on Linda Adams’ blog). I received the honor of reading her new novel before it was made available to the public and I couldn’t put it down. It’s Patricia’s first foray into romance and she does a fantastic job. She transports readers from Toronto to Southern France where we, along with Katherine, the main character, fall in love with the country, the food, the culture and a dreamy Frenchman.

You will enjoy The Promise of Provence as much as I did. It’s the cheapest most wonderful vacation you will ever take and the romance you will never forget. Get your copy here.

What’s the most unexpected friendship you’ve made? What’s the most romantic place on earth? Where have you fallen in love?

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Last Day of School

"Asian Boy" by arztsamui

“Asian Boy” by arztsamui

I’m sad today. Tomorrow is BabyGirl’s last day of kindergarten. I knew it was coming and I’ve enjoyed every morning since spring: holding her little hand, which seems to be getting bigger and bigger all the time, while I walk her to the entrance, kissing her goodbye, and handing her the Hello Kitty backpack she chose last September. Next September, it will be kiss and drop. On the ride home, she tells me about the wonders of the kitchen station, the sandbox, the colorful high heels. I’m certain there will be plenty of stories in grade 1, but none will involve dolls or firetrucks or the music station with the boombox.

She’s looking forward to grade 1. In the last few weeks, teachers have been preparing the class by taking them on a tour of the first grade class rooms and introducing them to the teachers.

Last week, she told me that her teacher packed up the play kitchen. With a heavy heart for the loss, I asked: “Are you sad?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“You won’t have all those toys in grade 1.”

“No, but there are other things. Grade 1 things.”

She’s ready, I thought. I guess after I have a good cry, I’ll be ready too.

Are you looking forward to your child’s last day of school? How do you cope with your children’s milestones? 

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Ready To Give Up


“Mountain Climber” by Sura Nualpradid

The WordCount 2013 Blogathon is winding down and I can’t wait. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Crazy! Especially for a woman who hadn’t blogged in months. I’m ready to put an end to it tonight except that I can see the Finish Line: I have 5 posts to go (I owe you guys one since I skipped one day when I went to the CanWrite! Conference 2013.)

Here I am writing this post basically about nothing because I’m out of ideas. For 25 of the last 26 days, I’ve winged every post. I don’t have time to think about them during the day and I haven’t had time to plan any so I’ve sat down and asked: “What do I feel like writing about tonight?” It usually started with one idea and turned into something completely different such as “I’ll write about what a great little stylist BabyGirl is” and that became Western Canada, Here I Come. So my mind wanders. Shrug.

Last night I read a post, Doing Short Stories, Novel and Blog All At Once, Oh, My!, by Linda Adams, who was a guest blogger here last week, about taking on writing challenges and how difficult but necessary it is to get organized. I know what she means.

Do you have any post ideas for me? How do you get organized when you take on personal writing challenges? What’s your next challenge?

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Calgary’s a ghost town – aftermath of the 2013 flood

When we use words such as large, small, modern, old, beautiful or ugly, to describe cities, we focus on their physical aspects. But when we use cold, warm, interesting, boring, crowded or pleasant, we focus on its residents. People are what makes a city an entity and give it its identity. The following photo essay brings this home.

Lucas' Photography and Blog

This past week, Calgary received way too much rain. Both the Bow and the Elbow river rose to unprecedented levels, flooding many areas of downtown and low lying neighbourhoods. Fortunately people heeded evacuation notices and no one in Calgary died (although a few at High River did)

Above photo: Trucks lining the banks of the Bow River to secure it with rocks.

I went and checked out downtown with my friend Jessica after the rain stopped. It was errie. Many streets were closed to traffic and all the shops were closed. There were no train or bus services either.

Memorial drive was still flooded

Center street bridge is closed

The river was still raging, very muddy

Dog was still having a good time tho 🙂

My friend Jess looking at the yellow river

Center street bridge

Chinatown was wet and muddy

Don’t get to see this ever, an empty Chinatown

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