Calgary’s a ghost town – aftermath of the 2013 flood

When we use words such as large, small, modern, old, beautiful or ugly, to describe cities, we focus on their physical aspects. But when we use cold, warm, interesting, boring, crowded or pleasant, we focus on its residents. People are what makes a city an entity and give it its identity. The following photo essay brings this home.

Lucas' Photography and Blog

This past week, Calgary received way too much rain. Both the Bow and the Elbow river rose to unprecedented levels, flooding many areas of downtown and low lying neighbourhoods. Fortunately people heeded evacuation notices and no one in Calgary died (although a few at High River did)

Above photo: Trucks lining the banks of the Bow River to secure it with rocks.

I went and checked out downtown with my friend Jessica after the rain stopped. It was errie. Many streets were closed to traffic and all the shops were closed. There were no train or bus services either.

Memorial drive was still flooded

Center street bridge is closed

The river was still raging, very muddy

Dog was still having a good time tho 🙂

My friend Jess looking at the yellow river

Center street bridge

Chinatown was wet and muddy

Don’t get to see this ever, an empty Chinatown

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