Western Canada, Here I Come!

"Cruising Ship" by Rosemary Ratcliff

“Cruising Ship” by Rosemary Ratcliff

I am inspired to travel again. While I have wander lust and a list to of places to see, walking away from a marriage broke and with a toddler meant taking low-budget vacations which translated into going back to Montreal and camping. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing those things but after three consecutive summers of this my soul has been crying (read screaming) for the arid atmosphere of an airplane cabin, for the possibility of wonder, for the discovery of the seen-only-in-pictures, for a vacation that doesn’t involve running around town meeting this friend or that one, sleeping on couches, chopping wood in the rain or monitoring ice levels in the cooler.


Courtesy of Meetings & Conventions Calgary (MCC) and Calgary Economic Development (CED)

Enough is enough. I’ve made my decision; I’ve been wanting to go out west for a few years. Rain, floods and Mother Nature might deter some, but not us. Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and the Canadian Rockies are waiting for me and BabyGirl to conquer them. We have our dates selected. Our hotel in Vancouver booked. I’m trolling websites for deals on plane tickets. I’m creating our itinerary based on touring company schedules. I’ve started my Must-Do’s Before I Leave list: water plants, pay bills, leave mail key with friend, etc. The next few weeks of planning are going to be so much fun.

I’m delighted. I’m EXCITED!

What are your vacation plans? What’s at the top of your Places To See list? What’s the best vacation you’ve ever had?

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