My 5 Favorite Apps


“Application Icons” by emptyglass

It’s our first Theme Day in 2013 WordCount Blogathon. The topic: My 5 Favorite Apps. I’m not going to tell you about anything wild or wonderful since I’m the kind of person who prefers to pickup the phone to talk to a friend and still likes to hold a book in her hand. I’m just going to list the apps I use most:

  1. Twitter – I find it’s a great way to keep up with my interests as long as I group those I follow on lists.
  2. The Globe and Mail’s Watchlist – For free, you can create an account, select all your investments or those you might be interested in making, and track them without having to do any of the work. There are multiple ways to look at the data, plus news about the investment and more.
  3. Email on my cell: how cool is that? I can quickly scan emails for anything important throughout the day without turning on my computer at home when it’s BabyGirl time or logging in from work which always seems wrong to me.
  4. Mapquest/Google Maps: Whichever you prefer to use doesn’t matter. It’s so much easier than looking through at 360 page map book of the GTA. I’m definitely not a GPS kind of girl. I’ve owned one for a year (a gift from the dealership), it’s still in the box in my bedroom. The only place I go to in my bedroom is bed. I can usually locate it without assistance although it has been required on a couple of occasions.
  5. Memo – This is my all-time favorite app. I’ve been making lists since I was a kid and, these days, I keep the majority of my lists on my phone. A radio announcer talks about something fun to do, I have a Places To Go list for me and a To Do With BabyGirl list for family stuff. I get a blog idea, there’s my Blog Ideas list. I hear a cool saying? There’s a list for that too: Quotes. We need milk and a new tent? Both go on the Shopping list.

What’s your favorite app? What do you think about all the technology available to us? When’s the last time you called your friend instead of posted on her Facebook Wall?

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