Trash It!

Recently, it was suggested that I do a physical and mental cleanse. I have to research what is involved in the physical cleanse before I commit to it, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing a mental cleanse.

The cleanse began even before the suggestion was made. It started with getting rid of a bunch of clothes that I still wore but detested because they made me feel old and out of date. Thinking “I am on the verge of expiring” is never a good thing! Add to that, a five-year old daughter who would ask “Why do you dress like that? Why can’t you be stylish like my teacher?” My five-year old daughter is now my stylist. The fact that I’ve been receiving compliments on my new look for at least a month proves that she’s just as good as Rachel Zoe. There might be a future in the fashion industry for her.


“Garbage Heap” by hinnamsaisuy

Then I started getting rid of the stuff that I ignored. Unless we move every two years, we all have this stuff. Things we believe we’ll use later and never do. Things we refuse to part with because of the price tag. Useless things we stuff in a closet and get so use to seeing every time we open said closet that we actually don’t see any more. Things we mean to put up for sale but always find something better to do than take that picture and post that ad.

Gone are stifling boxes of books, promotional materials I’ll never use again, instruments I wasn’t truly interested in learning to play, broken jewelry, hazardous materials such as old batteries and light bulbs, a broken futon, dead plants, purses I’ll never use again, a cell phone I hadn’t used in years, and pictures of defunct relationships.

With every piece I trash, not only does my home feel less cluttered, but so does my life. The ringer on my cell hadn’t worked in years and I’d been waiting to be eligible for an upgrade to replace it. What was I waiting for? How many phone calls had I missed? How many times a day did I think “I need to get a new phone”? When I replaced it, I chose a new provider with better deals and friendlier and more knowledgeable staff. I even let go of my old number. It’s a whole new beginning. I even feel there’s room now for a new relationship. And I’m inspired to finish the redecoration project I started two winters ago.

Life is a journey, not a destination. We wouldn’t choose to stay at the airport when we could be on a plane headed somewhere. So, why do we choose to live in a rut?

Are you traveling on an exciting journey or comfortably numb at some destination? What do you need to get rid of in your life? What do you do to keep growing as a person?


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