Yesterday, I went to Costco. Ready to checkout, I chose the closest lineup since they were all about three or four people deep. In front of me, stood a young woman with a stroller. I was fairly certain that someone was in the store with a cart that belonged to her. And I was right. As the line moved quickly, she started looking around frantically for her companion, spotted the person, waved to get their attention and called out. I was happy to see the man and the cart show up fairly quickly. Then two more carts showed up pushed by two other people and bypassed me and the three other customers behind me without so much as a “Sorry.”

That’s when I LOST it.

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Who does that? How selfish can people be?

Their reason: “He’s paying.”

I didn’t care who was paying. I cared about the fact that I picked a lineup based on how long I would have to wait and that was based on the number of people and the amount of purchases in their cart. And, I imagine, so did the people behind me. So, I started arguing about fairness.

Within thirty seconds, an employee intervened and, wouldn’t you know it, the gentleman was all about being fair as he explained to me: “Since I am fair, I will go to the back of the line.”

Thank goodness!

I’m going to give these people the benefit of the doubt and believe that in the future, they will all present themselves at the checkout together.

 Do you have any good shopping stories to share?


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