This Month’s Feature: Polka Dots

Warning: This is a rant.

Every month for the last few years, I buy a women’s magazine. What I like about it is that it’s a women’s fest. It includes ladies’ fashion and beauty, interviews with female celebrities and trailblazers, real life stories about women, career advice for women, financial advice for women, relationship advice for women, a women’s health and fitness section, some pop culture articles and fun stuff like women’s jokes. You get the idea.

So why is it that for the past six months, at least three of the feature interviewees were under 21 female celebrities? Somehow the interview with the 19-year-old child actress or 20-year-old rock star, as good an artist as she may be and as hard-working as she may be, contributes little to this woman’s thoughts.

My judgement has nothing to do with these young celebrities. They have earned their place in a women’s mag. My gripe is with the magazine itself. While a feature on a 30-year-old actress will include questions such as “How do you prepare for a role?” or “Tell us about your work with such and such a charity,” our young celebrity gets questioned about her penchant for polka dots or her boy crushes. Since they have achieved success at such a young age and are not leading average lives, I’m thinking there must be more to these young women than lattes and nail polish. I know my thoughts went a little farther than that when I was an average nineteen year old.

If I were these women, I would be insulted at being reduced to a brainless pretty face by a magazine claiming to empower modern women. Maybe these women could tell us what they think brought them success at such an early age or how they deal with 15 hour day shoots or what they consider major world concerns. Those are the questions I would like to read the answers to, because, if a 20-year-old with fame, money and power is a role model to the current teen generation, I’m hoping she does more than inspire it to wear polka dots this year and stripes the next.

What’s your beef with women’s mags?


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  1. #1 by patriciasands on February 28, 2013 - 10:18 PM

    Imagine how I feel! LOL

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