I have some housekeeping to do. First, I have an announcement to make and then a couple of thank you notes to hand out.

Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Self-Published

A few nights ago, I started writing a post about the things I wish I had known before I self-published. Those things have been on my mind a lot lately and are part of the reason I decided to revise Masks. I thought I would throw them all into a post for those of you who are considering this route and those of you who plan on going the traditional way will also benefit from some of my experience.

As I wrote, I realized I had a lot more to say than I first thought. The post morphed from a small idea to an eight-hundred plus word advice column/experience confession and was not even close to being done. To do it justice and to do other writers some kind of service, I decided to split it up in to a series of posts. At the current moment, it looks like there will be four topics: social media, finances, moral support and resources. I might add more. The first post will out by Monday.

The Thank You Notes

Thank you to Jasmine Jackson of the Judith Nyman Secondary School for organizing the Author’s Showcase on April 14. It was a lovely night filled with good food, good music and good people.

Thank you to Karen Black of the Mississauga Central Library for opening the library’s doors to local authors at the Spring Literary Festival on April 16. Another great event where local authors got to mingle with each other and local readers!


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