Update Please

Update Please was the subject line of an e-mail I received from a friend this morning. I have worked non-stop for the last few weeks so there was very little to say because nothing has gone on, except re-writing Masks. I had set a release date of April 3, but a couple of set backs delayed the release by two days. No matter, it’s done. Masks: A Novella is now available for purchase on Kindle at $0.99.

Patricia Sands also decided to interview me last week. You can read the interview on her blog.

I do have a couple of local events coming up this month. There is the Authors’ Showcase during Education Week Open Doors: Share the Smile at the Judith Nyman Secondary School in Brampton. The Showcase takes place on Thursday, April 14 at 6PM. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of crowd this draws. I am really hoping for a lot of teens. I would love to hear about their outlook on, well, everything! As I have mentioned before, I never intended to become a young adult author. I don’t plan on staying one, but it never hurts to know what is going on with one sub-culture or another.

At 1PM on April 16, I will be at the Spring Literary Festival held at the Mississauga Central Library. I’m looking at this one as a learning experience too. As a working single mom by day and an author by night, I don’t have much time for author groups and associations. This is an opportunity to meet other local authors.

So I guess I will be busy busy again next week in preparation for those events. In the meantime, back to working on my next release!


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