Dilettante Social Media Geeks and Terry Fallis

So often, I struggle to find a topic to post about because I feel like nothing is really happening in my life. And then, BANG! Event upon event. Where to start?  Since some of it is old news, it isn’t going to rejuvenate itself. I might as well report it later on. Let’s start with today. This morning,Patricia Sands, author of The Bridge Club, and I attended Podcamp Toronto 2011, an unconference (the organizers word of choice) for the new media community.

When our novels were first released, our publisher, iUniverse, set up all these wonderful social media accounts for us, gave us our login information and basically said, “Have fun. Call us if you have any problems.” Problems? For the first few weeks, I felt like I was getting my head bashed by a blunt object over and over again. Only recently have the bandages come off from that trauma injury. I went from refusing to know anything about social media to becoming a dilettante geek. And so did Pat. So there we were at Ryerson University – the two of us authors sitting amongst the media geeks of the GTA hoping to graduate to sophomore geek-ness. All I remember is we learned a lot about Facebook and I hope to have the patience to apply it.

Now here’s what we weren’t expecting. We met Terry Fallis! Yes, the Terry Fallis: author of The Best Laid Plans, winner of The Stephen Leacock Award For Humour and the Canada Reads 2011 Winner. We were walking out as he was walking in. I wish I would have thought about recording the meeting on my Blackberry. Pat praised him and then bombarded him with questions. She was her exuberant self. And Mr. Fallis? He was gracious as he answered all of her questions and my single one with a broad smile. As it has been said over and over again in the media, his win gives credibility and legitimacy to self-published authors. Vanity publishing and self-publishing should no longer be used interchangeably.

The cool part about our chance meeting was the three of us published with iUniverse. Until he won the Stephen Leacock Award, he was doing what we are doing: peddling his novels on the internet and to local bookstores, attempting to establish a fan base and maybe make some money too. Recently, I wrote a post entitled Success Stories. Well, Terry Fallis definitely qualifies. It was a pleasure to meet him. He is an inspiration.


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