The Best Part of Being an Author

Previous to Masks, I had started writing many novels but never finished any. I would get bogged down by details and decisions; I would take so long to think about a scene or a character that I would get confused and, eventually, lose interest in writing the story. My objectives were simple with Masks. Initially, the only objective was to write a complete story. Once that happened, a second objective appeared: to publish said story. I accomplished both and am very proud of the fact. Since its publication, I’ve learned a lot about writing, self-promotion and the publishing industry. Mainly, I learned about myself.

I learned that Masks was the best novel I could write two years ago. I have grown as an author. I know that I can write a better story. As I work on my second novel, I find myself writing with more confidence. I am more critical of what I put down on this first draft than I was when I wrote Masks. I re-read from the perspective of an author and, also, of a reader. I write with much more detail and heart. I have realized that my goal has changed. Diana (working title of my second novel) will be the best novel I can write in 2011. I am not concerned with having a finished product. I will. I am not concerned with publishing it. That will come in time. What I am doing right now is focusing on enjoying the writing process. And writing is the best part of being an author.


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