Masks: The Sequel?

Encouraged by Patricia Sands, author of The Bridge Club, I started toying with the idea of a sequel to Masks. It was a difficult decision because Masks was born from deep memories of adolescence inspired by a movie (Tout est parfait) I had watched. I did not care to immerse myself into the teenage world again; I had nothing left to say. Even when I was younger, my stories had always been for an adult audience. Furthermore, I had begun writing another novel of an entirely different style. I had set it aside when I discovered how much I had to learn and deal with as a newly published author.

Eventually, I did decide to listen to Pat and follow Masks with what might be called a sequel or, perhaps a better description would be,  an offshoot. Becca and David will return, but this time the main character is Diana Rainville, the treacherous best friend. She was an interesting character and one, that I felt, I treated somewhat unfairly by suddenly cutting her out of the story. I don’t regret the decision as I know she had nothing left to add. Her contribution would have been a filler and nothing more. An author has to know when to let go of a character, no matter how interesting s/he might be. Yet now, I am free to let her tell her story. So I plug along almost nightly, writing about this motherless young woman.


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