Learning To Be A Writer

Last Monday was my father’s birthday. He died in 1995 after suffering a stroke. Of all the things he passed on to me, what I appreciate most are: a love for music and a love of knowledge and books. I’ve had school on my mind lately. I would like to improve my writing skills. I’ve been looking at Creative Writing programs here and there. Just looking at what is being offered. I’m not sure I will do anything right now as I am, as usual, strapped for cash.

When I was younger, I was so concerned with what my parents and society thought I should do with my life that I never allowed myself to believe I could write professionally. Now here I am at thirty-six with a full-time job and a daughter to raise finally doing what I love, but finding myself lacking the proper skill set. I’m not going to give up because, nowadays, I think of myself as a writer.


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