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I’m very excited about this news! I’ve been selling books out of the trunk of my car since August. I enjoy the interaction between me and my readers. It’s a lot of fun to talk about my story and to answer questions about myself. Unfortunately, I can’t reach as large an audience as the multiple online booksellers that carry my novel. I’m quite grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to be on their websites.

A publicist, Mary Ellen Koroscil, suggested that I sell my books online myself. I considered it and finally decided to do it. However, figuring out how was another matter. After reading an article from the Globe and Mail passed on to me by Patricia Sands (The Bridge Club), I plunked myself down on the computer and worked until my mission was accomplished.

People, I cannot believe how much I am learning about computers. I am far from geek-dom, but the baby steps I keep taking are going to get me there eventually. I opened a PayPal account, inserted the code on my site and BAM I’m selling my own books, signed by yours truly. I took the opportunity to revamp a little and changed the Order page to the Shop page. I included the links to other online booksellers. I believe in healthy competition! Check out my work or, here’s a crazy idea, buy my book at


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