My New Phone

For the last four years, my cell phone plan consisted of buying a $100 Pay-As-You-Go card once a year. At the end of the year, I would still have money left! That’s how much I used my phone. Then in June, I started texting. I texted enough that I added a $10 for 2500 texts subscription to my account. At first that was satisfactory, eventually I became annoyed with pressing a button three times to get the letter I wanted. I started looking at my options. Since I’m a penniless writer, I didn’t like the monthly plans out there. However, after months of searching and deliberation, I finally found a way to have my cake and eat it too. I discovered the data stick/phone plan combo (I know all of you probably knew about this already. I did not!) Plus, I got a Blackberry for free. (Not such a big deal these days, but it makes me happy to have paid $0.)

I am in heaven. Now I can use Molly anywhere and text to my heart’s content. All of this is great, but there’s more! I’m actually using Facebook and Twitter more often. I’m on the social networking plan so unlimited use on those sites. Although that’s not why I use them more often. Now they’ve become easy access. They are no longer another chore. No more “I should Tweet that, but it’s not worth turning on my computer for a tweet” thoughts. I just click the little icon on my phone and there I am! 140 characters or less and I have a tweet posted. Sharing is no longer a nuisance. I always appreciate things that make my life easier, so thank you to Blackberry and Rogers.


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