The road to success requires more than a good pair of shoes. It requires stamina, dedication, determination, ambition, and time. I find the thing I lack the most is time. I am single mom, I have a social life, and I have a regular job. Yet I have chosen to embark on a new career. I love writing and I have a lot of stories to tell. My decision to purse my dream of becoming a published author was, as you know, long overdue.

So I “make” time. I consider my author’s career a second job. I create to-do lists, otherwise I would never know what I have to do. There are usually twenty plus generalized items on my list. About three-quarters relate to becoming a successful author. As I cross off this or that on my list, I discover something new to add. Some things, I don’t mind so much like going to bookstores and asking the store manager for the opportunity to hold a book signing. Other tasks like improving my website, drive me insane. To date, I have wasted seven hours attempting to set up links on my site. Please visit it, www.patriciacaviglia.com, but don’t bother trying to find nifty links to Facebook and Twitter because I still haven’t figured it out. I will try again since it’s still on my to-do list. I’m hoping to cross it off on this one and not move it to the next list.

No one has ever become successful by putting in a two-hour work week. So when I’m at work and things are slow, I try to take care of something that will move me closer to success. Once I get home from work, I spend at least two hours, but frequently more, working on success. Then there are the weekends when I can easily log in more time. And I have recently purchased a netbook which allows me to spend time with my daughter and work at the same time.


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