Social Networking For Beginners

When I self-published, I chose to purchase a package that included social media networking setup. I understood the benefit of exposing myself to as many people as possible on cyberspace, but I did not realize how much I had to learn about it. I have wasted countless hours trying to figure out Facebook and how to use it as one of my tools to success. I haven’t even started with Twitter or MySpace yet. And I have to add that as a user of Blogspot, I am not impressed with the complexity of WordPress. In the end it’s all about putting myself out there, so I’m slowly learning.

You’ll laugh at this. I have two Facebook accounts. One I did not use and the other set up by my publisher. To create some traffic on my author’s Facebook account, I invited all my friends to join me. Except I did it on the wrong account. Sigh. I’m not asking my friends to join me on the other one. That just seems absurd. I can’t believe I’m admitting this publicly since I’m sure you’re thinking “Twit.” Just this week, I discovered joining groups on Facebook. Hurray for me!


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